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  • The safest trading platform

    We reflected more than 127 000 hacker attacks over last 3 years of work. We offer maximum security according to original core design. We made it especially for cryptocurrency exchange, based on brokerage matching engine.

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      Direct delivery

      You can withdraw coins after message about order execution instantly!

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      Risk management

      Only if both parties have balance at the trading moment order is accomplished.

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      All components (core, wallets, depositing etc.) are in different servers and divided.

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      Best practice

      We use the best experience in internet project security to protect our users’ funds.

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Extensive opportunities for trading and integration.

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    You can look after trade situation automatically.

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    You can write robots in any language.

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    Simple way to design your personal indicator or scripts.

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  • Trading

    We work hard to provide the best services.

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      High liquidity

      Bids and asks on our platform in top are very close.

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      The smallest spread

      We can always provide smallest spread from bid to ask.

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      Instant funds moving

      We provide fast and secure deposit/withdraw engine.

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      And more

      24/7 trading, small fees, high diversity of crypto currencies.

Order types

Our trading platform is professional and has all classic and advanced tools.

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    You can simply trade small volume for the best price.

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    Classic form of exchange: bid or ask.

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    Stop order

    Trading after reaching the price you need.

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    Stop limit

    Pending action after price reaches fixed level.

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    TP & SL

    Use our interface to set up take profit and stop loss levels.

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    And much more

    Valid till [day/time], AON, IOC, FOK, iceberg trade requests.

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Solving your problems is our work.

Our support team works hard to solve real problems and delete spam. Do you have any other problems to be settled?

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  • Trading

    We provide various trading interfaces:

    • Web
    • Desktop
    • API

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    How you can add your crypto to our exchange.

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    How to use our liquidity in your services.

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    We offer SaaS service to provide our exchange to you.